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Original communication

Medical compression stockings on the skin moisture in patients with chronic venous disease

Published Online:https://doi.org/10.1024/0301-1526/a000812

Summary:Background: Because of side effects like skin dryness and consecutive symptoms like itching the therapy of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) with medical compression stockings (MCS) can lead to a diminished wear comfort and restricted compliance. Compression stockings with integrated skin care may have a positive influence on the skin hydration and moreover a positive effect on patients compliance. Patients and methods: In this monocentric, randomized prospective, controlled trial a below knee conventional MCS was compared to a medical compression stocking with integrated skin care (MCS-SC), interface pressure range 23–32 mmHg. Participants: 50 patients with CVI. Primary outcome: skin hydration. Secondary outcomes: transepidermal water loss, skin roughness, leg volume, interface pressure and questionnaires about quality of life and wear comfort. Results: In patients wearing MCS the skin moisture decreased (p = 0.021) and the skin roughness increased significantly (p = 0.001), whereas in patients wearing the MCS-SC skin moisture and skin roughness changed only slightly (n.s.). These protective effects of MCS-SC compared to MCS were most common in patients with CVI at stage 3 (p = 0.046), in male patients (p = 0.013) and patients with initial dry skin (p = 0.034). Both MCS reduced lower leg volume, MCS by 80 ml (p < 0.001) and MCS-SC by 60 ml (p < 0.001), both MCS improved quality of life: leg complaints (p = 0.0003); functional status (p = 0.010), well-being and life satisfaction (p = 0.030). Wear comfort: In terms of tightness, constriction in bond area and strenuous donning the MCS-SC was assessed significantly more comfortable than MCS (p < 0.001). Conclusions: MCS-SC revealed to be superior to MCS with regard to skin moisture, particularly in patients with low skin humidity, in male patients and in patients with C3, varicose veins accompanied by edema.